Odisha is a very beautiful state in India, here these are many arts and crafts are present, the artist and handicraft workers are very much skilful produce very fine items by using very simple things, some of the example are: Dhokra art, Golden Grass work, Horn Works, Papier Mache, Palm leaf Art. These five arts and crafts items are very much popular in Odisha as well as India and also in other countries in all over the world.

Dhokra art: Dhokra art is a mere alloy of brass and bell metal coupled with the skill of the artisans. This dhokra art is produces amazing pieces of art. Those are very much famous in different countries. This art is basically found in some districts of Odisha, like Dhenkanal, Cuttack and other districts.

Golden Grass work:  Golden Grass work is another piece of real beautiful art of Odisha. The golden yellow baskets, boxes or coasters are some beautiful products of this Golden Grass work art. Golden grass products are extremely loved amongst all the people irrespective of gender or generation, all like these products very much.

Horn Works: Another beautiful and eye catching art is Horn Works. Horn Works are exquisitely designed artefacts made up by animal horns after their deth. These are many utility and decorative things are made in this form and mostly the finished products look very beautiful as like the filmfare lady, so most of the people like these art and try to collect these arts every time.

Papier Mache: Papier Mache art is the example of efficient talent of Odia artist. Actually this art converts waste paper and waste materials into these unbelievably beautiful products. These arts are mostly done in areas around Puri, Papier mache art is slowly losing out on its popularity.

Palm leaf Art: Palm leaf Art is one of the rich forms of art of Odisha. This art is still practiced in some parts of Odisha, mostly in “Raghurajpur” village. This art is another form of famous pattachitra painting of Odisha.

So these are some things about five beautiful and famous craft items of Odisha.